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Cortisone Shots for Back Pain - Not the Best Choice

Cortisone shots are one of the most popular treatments for back pain, be it chronic or emergent/ severe. Also known as epidural, steroid injection, corticosteroid injection or epidural steroid injection, cortisone is a steroid hormone—and is naturally produced by the human body’s adrenal gland in reaction to stress.

  • David Huckabay

Spinal Decompression Therapy: An Alternative to Surgery

Years ago, there used to be few options other than surgery for backache relief. Fortunately, we now have more options available. One of the newest, scientifically researched methods is that of back decompression.

It is truly effective and can help speed pain relief to many who suffer chronic back pain.

  • David Huckabay

Benefits of Inversion Therapy for Active People

The benefits of inversion therapy are even more pronounced for active people than they are for the general population. Physical activity has its own set of challenges and can create problems that inversion therapy is uniquely suited to solve.
  • David Huckabay

7 tips to reduce back pain during pregnancy

Never in a woman’s life does her body go through as many profound changes as it does during pregnancy. While each woman and each gestation is different there are symptoms common to the condition but not well understood by sufferers.

  • David Huckabay

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